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The World’s Best Versatile Child Care Assistant

Edycare is the smart toy that serves as a child care assistant for busy and tired parents.
‘4 in 1’ integrated solution provides peace in mind with parenting.

Edycare Is

Edycare Is Versatile Childcare Assistant

to busy and tired parents.

We always want our loving children to grow in safe and sound environment.
However, it’s not easy but rather challenging to care children with your tired body.
Besides, there are so much things to care, such as education, air quality,
time management and so on.

For those who are worried about these, the Edycare is born !!


How to Enjoy

Cute Little Buddy Helps with Your Care for Loving Child.

Edycare will be on your side to relieve your worries on childcare.

Connect to Bluetooth

Breathe a new life into Edycare through application.

Send the messages or
play the contents via Bluetooth

Clicking the button above,
the children can react to the device.

What Does the Edycare Do for the Parents?

Air Advisor

Air quality mornitoring
for your child’s healthcare

Time Manager

You don’t have to scold or nag at your children anymore for them to follow daily routines


Connect to your child with
Messenger function.

Fun Time

Fun stories, and songs for the kid !!
Update a number of contents via our special APP.

Air Advisor

Monitoring ambient air quality within the 10m range (temperature, humidity, fine dust).
Proper advice in connection with the local air quality

Time Manager

Allowing the kids to manage daily routines like games on their own,
using ‘Good Job Stickers’ and pre-set rewards.


Communication with your child through the device.
(prefilled message, direct message input by users)
Deliver via either the parents’ voices or the embedded device’s voices.

Fun Time

Storytelling or playing songs with a number of characters with
different roles and voices, beyond simple playing of contents.

Who Else Is This For?

Someone Always
Forgets Schedule

Set your schedules
and check with Edycare


Wherever you carry the Edycare,
it monitors your ambient air quality


Keep pleasant indoor environment
with the advice of Edycare


Safely designed with harmless
materials for the children

No batteries required

4-in-1 multifunction in portable size, applicable to diverse situations and places

Realization of various lovable
characters with different covers

Product Specification

Connectivity Bluetooth
Dimension 70 X 70 X 70 mm
Weight 0.1kg
Power 1000mAh 3.7 V Li-ion polymer battery
Charge Mode USB micro 5Pin
Fine Dust 0~999 ㎍/m³
Temperature -20 ~ 80 °C
Humidity 0~100%
OS IOS 9.0 or later / Android 5.0 or later
Charging Time 3 hrs
Available Usage Time 5 hrs